Site security & collision avoidance

ECS Safety drastically reduces the risk of collision

Every year, 8,000 accidents, 10 of them tragically fatal, bear witness to the latent danger resulting from the cohabitation of forklift trucks and pedestrians. It's time to take action to ensure safety in the workplace with ECS Safety!

Installation principle

schéma explicatif safety


Yumain presents ECS Safety, an innovative solution for significantly reducing

risk of accidents between forklift trucks and pedestrians in various sectors. Essential

for QHSE managers, it guarantees compliance with safety standards in France.

proactively warns pedestrians, while providing non-intrusive alerts to

forklift operators. Adapted to different professional contexts, ECS Safety favors an approach that

safety in the workplace. By optimizing

safety indicators, this solution plays a crucial role in reducing accidents.

and pedestrians, enhancing the efficiency of the working environment.

How does it work?

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The ECS Safety, with its artificial intelligence, is an advanced sensor dedicated to preventing the risk of collision in sensitive areas. It provides real-time detection and analysis of high-risk situations.

Following a predefined detection strategy, the ECS activates alerts for pedestrians and/or forklift drivers when it detects a dangerous situation, anticipating any risk of collision.

ECS Safety ensures that productivity is maintained at an optimum level by issuing alerts only when the zone analyzed presents a risk situation according to the strategy defined, for example, by alerting only in the event of the simultaneous presence of a forklift truck and a pedestrian. The extremely precise definition of the monitored zone eliminates any dead zones, guaranteeing complete safety. This stand-alone solution requires no Wi-Fi connection or customer IT network. What's more, it complies strictly with RGPD standards, enabling images to be analyzed for doubt removal or not retained.

Various warning systems can be used to alert those involved to the situation.

The ECS Safety sensor offers two types of technology for broadcasting alerts: wired and wireless.

In the case of wired technology, there are several warning systems available. Firstly, the industrial spotlight can project a pictogram on the floor or wall, indicating various warnings such as "attention", "danger piéton", "danger chariot", or "sens interdit". This device offers remarkable flexibility, with the option of using different pictograms according to specific needs. In addition, illuminated bollards are deployed to emit visual signals, and audible bollards emit auditory alerts, ensuring multi-level communication of detected risks. All these means of alert, integrated with wired technology, guarantee effective dissemination of warnings generated by the ECS Safety sensor, enhancing safety in sensitive areas.

ECS Safety is particularly easy to install. All you need to do is position the sensor at a height of between 3 and 5 metres, at an angle to suit the area to be monitored. A simple connection to the power supply is all that's required, as the sensor operates completely autonomously.

Number of relays


Relay type

SPST (normally open)

Maximum switching voltage

AC: 125 V @ 0.3 A - DC: 24 V @ 1 A

Dielectric strength between input/output​

1000 VRMS

Contact resistance

100 mOmh max

Typical priming time

1.1 ms

Max. priming time

5 ms

Typical fall-out time

0.4 ms

Max. drop-off time

5 ms

Relay status LEDs on front panel


Electrical life at rated load

1 x 105 cycles @ 1 A, 24 VDC

Mechanical life

5 x 106 cycles

Number of entries


Input voltage

12 - 24 VDC, non-polarized

Input resistance

1 kOmh @ 0.33 W

Dielectric strength between input/output​

5000 VRMS


DC 12V/24V/48V (230 VAC optional)

Typical consumption

16 W

Max. consumption peaks

25 W

Power connector

Wurth Elektronik 691361300002

Terminal block cable sector

18 to 24 (AWG); 1.28 to 0.205 (mm²)

Input/output connector

Wurth Elektronik 691381000008




114 mm x 114 mm x 60 mm


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